Nestled in the intersection of art and elegance, Forest Art & Frame is not just a purveyor of wall decor but a staunch advocate for local talent. We believe in the profound ability of art to communicate, inspire, and evoke emotion, and in local artists' immense potential to breathe life into this belief.

Our partnership with local artists forms the bedrock of our offerings. We've built an extensive network of talented creators, giving us privileged access to their inspiring catalogues. Each piece we select showcases the unique skills and perspectives of our local artists, adding an authentic touch to our curated collections.

At Forest Art & Frame, we do more than simply showcase artworks. We commission these gifted artists, providing them a platform to transform their creative visions into tangible masterpieces. This process of commissioning not only contributes to the richness and diversity of our collection, but also nurtures the local art scene by supporting the artists who give it life.

Our collaborations with local talent culminate in bespoke wall decor solutions that reflect individual stories, diverse styles, and unique visions. The result is a catalogue that not only graces walls but also tells the rich tales of the artists.



In choosing Forest Art & Frame, you choose more than a wall decor solution. You choose a piece of local artistry, a slice of your community's talent, a story narrated through the eyes of a local artist. And in doing so, you contribute to a cycle of creativity and support that elevates local talent, one art piece at a time.

We have a wide variety of art from an array of artist's. Please contact us to organising viewing and if you need assistance sourcing original artwork.Β 



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