Forest Art and Frame offers unique and creative team building experiences, in the form of on-going artistic and creative sessions and team building workshops.

We believe in the positive power of creativity that allows for the development of an internal strength in the individual, which filters into all aspects of their lives. This has specific important application and impact to the approach and attitude of workers in the workplace.


Mental health is of the utmost importance to the corporate environment. Work related depression, stress and burnout result in enormous costs to the employer and to society as a whole.ย 

Benefits of art and creative activities:

  • Art and creative activities relieve stress.
  • Art and creative activities encourage positive interpersonal relationships, increased staff morale and team comradery.
  • Art and creative activities are transformative and powerful.

Creative experiences also nurture problem solving skills and forge pathways to innovation and productivity.

Our sessions are facilitated by a range of expert creative individuals partnered by our in house creative consultant Jennifer Kopping.

โ€œMy approach is non-judgmental and down to earth. I believe in the creative power of art and artmaking activities to be transformational and inspiring, addingย  value to the corporate environment and the well-being of its staffโ€.

All of our programs are tax deductible as part of the government CSR initiatives.ย 



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